Welcome to Yasemin Agricultural Company

Yasemin company specializes in the production, breeding and processing of a wide range of high quality nursery plants that meet the wishes of the customers, and their demand increases over time as a result of high professionalism of the company’s works that gave it a wide reputation in this field.

The company provides a wide variety of fruit trees, forestry and ornamental trees, young trees distinctive in its types of gardens as well as climbing plants, fences plants, indoor plants arrangement, plants that purify the air from chemical pollutants, hanging gardens, succulents, aromatic and medicinal plants, various types of roses in addition to many plant variety that exclusively produced by Yasemin company and is suitable for multiple climates and environments…

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Many capacities, one focus: it is you

Get one provider that can help with all your landscape needs.

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Plant health care

European Olive Bonsai

Yasemin Company has a wide range of olive trees of different ages and sizes.Olive trees are one of the most evergreen trees in the world for their ability to withstand multiple climatic conditions. Of a historical nature and bonsai.

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Tree grows and moves

Yasemin Company is specialized in processing the types of trees and shrubs that are in high demand to be one of the pioneer companies in this field, providing a wide variety to suit the needs of its customers of fruit trees, forestry and ornamental trees, mature and unique garden trees, which we have prepared very carefully so that we reduce the time and effort of customers and provide them with trees ready for transport and delivery.

Need special products?

If you are interested in special agricultural products, we are ready to fulfill your aspirations and desires. We have a highly experienced team that can turn your vision and aspirations into reality.

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