Yasemin Ziraat company.

With 40 years of experience, Yasemin company  Agricultural Company started from the fertile Ghouta of Damascus, which has become a world-renowned company and offers integrated agricultural services, from its wide and varied production of plants (ornamental, forest and fruit plants) to landscaping and caring for residential and commercial green areas.

The company is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey with two branches in Mersin and Izmir. Our commitment to showing and improving the stunning side of nature is one of our most important principles. We are also committed to providing quality services to our customers and continue to work on the same approach that always makes us among the elite in this field. Our team consists of a group of qualified, experienced and professional staff, who are keen to complete the work to the best results. Our values ​​are based on credibility, excellence, and precision in performance and execution.

Company Branches

Yasemin Agricultural Company has number of branches inside and outside Turkey, including:




In order to expand our business inside and outside Turkey, we are still working to open new channels and other branches around the world in support of our future plans and keep up with the continuous development. 

We provide the best agricultural services over 40 years ...

Although many things have changed over the years, our commitment to customer service is the best rest, and we look forward to building new relationships as well as developing those that we already have.

Yasemin Ziraat