We focus on meeting your aspirations and desires. We try hard to contribute to the fulfillment of your desires through our various services and expertise in the establishment and coordination of gardens and landscapes, from discussing your needs through design, development, implementation, agriculture, maintenance and improvement. The depth of our knowledge and experience makes us real partners throughout the lifecycle of the landscape that we offer to you according to your vision.

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Services provided

  • Direct supervision of all coordination and agricultural work in public and private establishments.
  • Direct supervision of investment and operation, maintenance of forestation, landscaping and beautification.
  • Carry out the necessary equipment required by the sites allocated for agriculture in the streets and squares from the beginning of the preparation of designs until completion of the implementation.
  • Ensure that proposed or selected plant types are suitable for local environmental conditions and can be successfully developed.
  • Supervise the operations of agricultural services related to the projects of forestation, landscaping and beautification in parks, playgrounds, streets, central islands, squares and public parks in terms of irrigation, fertilization, weeding, maintenance and resistance to agricultural pests.
  • Supervise pruning, shearing and shaping of trees, shrubs, fences and climbing plants.
  • Determine the water requirements for plants irrigation according to the different types and environmental conditions in the region and setting irrigation dates throughout the year.
  • Identify the appropriate types of fertilizers and determine the methods of usage and the appropriate quantities and dates of addition.
  • Determine the type of insect and pathological infections of plants, if any, and choose the type of pesticides needed at their appropriate concentration to control it.
  • Supervise the process of agricultural services related to the maintenance of green areas.
  • Pruning trees in the appropriate pruning seasons in a manner commensurate with their sizes and types.

Participate in the improvement of the landscape and increase the green spaces through the guidance of the urban residents to plant and care for plants and the preservation of public parks.

Find out how you can get a landscape that supports your goals and a team of experts focused on you.